'03 XR650R belches oil in air filter box....

The bike has 3 hours on it. The first 3 hours were trail/fire road runs and it ran fine with no issues.

The fourth hour was high-speed desert running at top speed, in 108 degree weather.

After the desert run, the airbox was saturated with engine oil, and the drain on the airbox has belched oil all over the left swingarm. The oil level is NOT overfilled, since it's the same oil used on the trail rides (and it didn't belch then), and the level warm was OK. Actually, it's the original oil from the factory, and I haven't added any since new.

There are no constrictions in the vent lines from the seat.

What's up? is this "normal?" I understand these were extreme conditions, but after reading about blown crank seals, I'm worried...


P.S. no comments about the (in)frequency of my oil changes, please. I got a new filter and will be changing the oil tonight...

You wouldn't be the first person to have a new bike over filled with oil from the dealer, so I wouldn't rule out that possibility completely unless you checked the oil level yourself when the engine was hot.

I haven't read much about blown crank seals, but there have been a few countershaft seal issues on 2001 and older bikes, but they aren't that common and the new c/s seal introduced in 2002 has resolved that issue for the most part from what I know. If this seal is blown, you'll see oil coming from the countershaft and it could be blown back onto the left side of your swingarm at higher speeds. It's a very easy seal to replace and very inexpensive, but it should not have blown out in the first place unless there was excessive pressure behind it.

Inspect your c/s seal closely, change your oil and see what happens. Your bike comes with a 6 month warranty, so your dealer should help you out on this.

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