GA426Owner Update

Talked with Dave today. He is getting bored and cranky sitting with a breeze across his butt cheeks (cute gown thingie). He says he is on the mend and everything is still sort of up in the air as fas as test results go. Apaprently since he got immediate attention, they believe he has very little permanent damage to his heart. Glad to hear that since I'd hate to lose a riding buddy. I know he'd rather be riding a Yamaha rather than a Laz-Y-boy.

I even got the lowdown on his forks. He said he was pretty impressed with them in the 3 practice laps he had before his ticker started acting up. Sorry, I had to ask about the forks. I know it may seem heartless (pun intended) but I take a lot of pride in my set up ability and I know Dave is a picky guy when it comes to that. I know he was concerned with that before last Saturday.

He said he'll be back on line as soon as he gets home (hopefully by the beginning of next week).


MX Tuner

Tuner, that is good news, I have been going to go by and see him but have gotten caught up in allot of things in the last couple of days.

I guess I need to come by and see you as well, have you had a chance to work on my forks? I lost your # and like I said I have been hammered the last couple of days since I got back from out of town.

talk at you later


No problem. Your forks were done last week. You can page me at 770-202-0765 and I'll call you right back.


MX Tuner

I'm back home. Thanks for your thoughts guys --- no you have not lost a riding buddy! I may be slow for a while, but at least I am kickin! The forks were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yank out the midvalve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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