Is it worth it?

Well im lookin for a dual sport/enduro style bike and this one is available locally (somewhat). Heres the add from craigslist, my question is basically is this something to look into? How much are we looking at for a rebuilt kit? and what kinds of problems do these bikes have? I can rebuild the engine as i am mechanically inclined, so what do you guys think about this bike??

thanks, quinn

For about twice that price I think you could get one in good condition that is maybe even a year or two newer than that one.

Are you working on some kind of budget?

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Yea i am working on somewhat a budget im looking to spend no more than around 1800. I just saw this and thought, clean lookin project bike and the price kinda got me all excited.

anyone else got got input

Could be $6-$800 in parts to rebuild, maybe $1k, maybe less. You'll never know till you open it up. The bike looks to be in nice condition. I'd be a buyer at $5-600 knowing I could easily make that back parting it out if the engine is a basket case.

But if you want to ride now.....

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buy one that runs. Take it from me, I learnt that the hard way. To rebuild a WR motor due to bottom end seizure, you're looking at pretty close to 2-3g's alone to get quality parts. Sure you can buy "complete" kits.. but, they really aren't complete. Bearings alone in the cases you're looking 200-300, crank 400, piston 100, OEM gaskets/seals 300, anything else that's broken once you open it up... your guess is as good as mine. Not to mention, but why did it seize... you've gotta find the route cause for the failure.

If you go aftermarket seals, be expecting to replace every seal that you just replaced quickly... aftermarket is crap.

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Pass. no way to know if your budget will cover. I have never heard of a seized WR, so it is probably I forgot to put oil in and seized rod bearings, piston, etc.

Agree, I got mine (a cherry 2003) for 2'250 bucks (I had a 2'000 dollar budget, oops). It took some patience and steely nerve in negoations but totally worth it, not rebuilding a engine, as there is plenty else to do to these things and any other dirt bike for that matter to get trail ready and plated..

I found mine on craigs list and the guy had a hard time getting any calls from buyers, well ones with money. lucky I have a friend who sits at work searching the internet all day!

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