Pros and cons of trackside fork brace

Was thinking of getting a fork brace to use when strapping the bike in truck so as not to totally compress the forks. It seems like a good idea but anybody have any bad experience with them, do they make a diff?

Have you done a search. I am sure there are many threads talking about these. I personally don't use them, I used to but don't notice a difference with or without.

I use them every time. If you don't get it seated just right they will pop out. I tighten it down so that you can see the tire flex but not pinch. The handful of times it did pop out the bike didn't budge and I finish the trip with it removed. I wouldn't say you had to use one, but it keeps me from torquing the heck out of my straps and compressing my forks for long periods of time.

I always use them. Like RSanders said, it keeps the forks from being too compressed which also causes the back end to jump around during transport. I've never had a bad experience with them.


I use them all the time on all my bikes, dirt and road. Yes road bikes also. Many people don't realize that there are at least 2 types, The kind most people use for dirt bikes that fitts under your fender and on you tire, then the ones for most road bikes that go on your down tubes between the dust cap and the triple tree so it will not touch the fender. The ones I use for the dirt bikes are made of a 4x4 notched on the top to fit in the fender and curved to the profile of the tire and a bungie to hold in in place while cinching it down. My road bike version is made from PVC pipe to wrap around the fork tube much like a fork seal insertion tool but with a internal clearance cut out so it will not press on the dust seal lip and velcro strap to hold the two halves together. I have never had one fall out, scratch a tube, blow a seal or create a pinch flat. On the road bikes I strap the back end down lightly also just because of the weight . I do not strap down the dirt bikes rear ends and they do not migrate more than a few mm eaven on logging roads. I think that little movement is just the bike squareing up to the handle bars. I've never dropped a bike in the bed or trailer nor have I had two bikes touch during transportation. I believe in them and ratchet straps.

Yes on the ratchet straps! I've had so many tie-down straps loosen up, that I can't count. Never an issue with a ratchet strap.


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