Barstow to Vegas SX

Hello everyone! Larry Roeseler here, with an Adventure update. This year's Trophy Truck program with the Herbst Team has been very exciting and always challenging! As you know the Score Baja 1000 goes all the way down the peninsula, this year in November, to Lapaz! I will keep you posted on our attack with the Baja 500, coming up in just a few weeks.

I just rolled back from a great ride, the Barstow to Vegas tour! When my schedule permits, I offer up my "LR signature trails" to my friend Bruce Anderson, at Go Baja/ Go Desert Tours. It gives me a chance to get out and do what I love, Ride Motorcycles! Bruce "Bruno" as they call him in Mexico, and his tour team had put together one of their 4 day "All Inclusive" adventure rides. He asked me if I would join in an show his clients some of my best kept "secrets in the desert. " Bruno, and team at GBR tours, puts on a professional program, with top notch accommodations and bikes.

As a tour company, they know how to cover all the bases. I rolled up to Barstow Wednesday, to find the guys already having lunch outside of the hotel, with the bikes lined up and ready to go! It was nice to see a small sized group, I know a few of the clients from racing in the desert. A couple of desert racers from down my way close to the border. Along on this tour was none other than Karel Kramer, who I haven't ridden with for years, a helicopter pilot from Reno, and an engineer from Canada. We were looking pretty good, for some great riding.

Bruno and I have covered many miles in Baja together, on bikes, touring and prerunning. "This Barstow to Vegas desert tour" is one of my favorites. With historical stops along the way, this early American "Land Rush" settlers trail really gives you the feeling of how it must have been for the wagon trains, covering just 15 miles per day. Slowing down a little has its benefits, as in years past, just racing thru didn't give me much time to reflect on the beauty in the desert.

After our Barstow warm up loop on Wednesday, we started to put some miles in. It was about 177 miles to Laughlin, with an early start, and the anticipation of hot weather. We rode thru Afton Canyon, a beautiful wash, with huge sheer mountains popping out to the sky. It was a great photo opportunity for Karel Kramer, as his mission was to cover this tour, for one of the many motorcycle publications he writes for. After meeting up with GBR tours chase truck and crew, for our trailside lunch, and some much needed fuel, we were off and running towards Laughlin Nevada.

Friday, was a "Laughlin back to Laughlin ride," with lots of single track, up thru Christmas tree pass. A great loop, really beautiful, complete with views of Lake Mojave, and the Colorado River, complete with Casinos in the back drop! The predicted hot temperatures held back just long enough for us to have a really great ride. The guys were really happy with the route I laid out for them, and were having a great ride! It looks like Karel is going to have some great photos for his story of the "Go Baja Riding experience." The guys all were having a blast with the single track, take a look around there in January and February, you will find snow on the ground!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming story with a report on the "new Beta." The guys on this tour were surprised I think at how well Bruno runs his tours, and the amount of challenging trails we run them thru. He always delivers a great ride in my opinion. His bikes and equipment are always prepped and fresh. Some of the guys rode their own bikes, so we had a variety of bikes for Kramer to compare the new Beta to.

The last night at super cross, in Vegas was really a success. It is always a pleasure to run with Bruce and the crew at Go Baja Riding Tours. I am getting ready to pre run the Baja 500 course, scheduled for the first of June. This round based out of Ensenada, and I am sure Bruno will be ready to ride along.

Hope to see you out there!


Larry Roeseler

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