Is it a must to Re jet?

hello i just installed a drd pipe on my basically stock '11 wr 450... havent done any of the free mods yet. when i ride im getting a lot of popping on decel. is it ok to ride it with stock jetting like this.

just until i rejet?

To be safe you should put your stock muffler back on till your ready to re-jet. A few things come to mind when motors are run lean. Valve seats sink into the head, burn holes thru pistons, torch head gaskets, blow the porcelain off the spark plug.

Agree with the others. The pipe isn't doing much till you can get more air into the motor, it doesn't help to let more out. You will be seriuosly lean as the bike is too lean from the dealer. Do the mods ie; airbox, grey wire, throttle stop, and carb jetting/acc pump mod, and de-smog all at once. This will avoid any chance of overheating/lean issues plus you will get all the HP and performance you paid for.

I agree with the others. Throw the stock pipe back on until you have time to do the job correctly.


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