12 KTM 300 xcw Fuel / Oil mix ratio ?

Im confused ?

Dealer says 40-1 manual and website says 60-1 ?

Anybody know what the correct ratio and if they changed it over the years ?

Thanks in advance

50:1. I was told keep the needle on the second clip for a couple tanks for break in, then move it to the middle and ringa ding ding to my hearts content.

so they wanted you run a leaner jetting for break in? that doesn't really make sense...

anywhere in between works. I used to run 44:1 for a long time. Then, my kids started riding, went to 50:1. Now, it's suggested that his 85 run at 60:1, so that is what we all run and I haven't noticed any difference in lubrication or performance for my bike.

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Maxima Castor 927 @ 44/1 in mine.

Maxima K2, 50:1

i have a 2010 model but figured same thing!

Ran my bike on 50 to 1 to match the other bikes and tried it at 60 to 1 and ran sweet as , so for me its purely convenient

Regards Dazza

Just got mine dealer recomended 32:1 for the first couple tanks for break in...so they filled the tanks and then i filled my two jerry cans with 10 gallons of 37:1 and after thats all gone i'll rock 50:1

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