YZ426 in the dunes.

Has anyone on this forum ridden their YZ426 in the dunes? I'm going to the dunes this weekend and have to make a choice CR500 or YZ426, and do not want to drive all the way there to find out the 426 doesn't have what it takes.


2000 YZ426F

2001 CR500R

I just got back from a week at the Oregon Dunes. Great place. If you stay on the gas, the 426 is good fun, but given the choice I'd take my old 88 cr5 over the 426.

Not because the 426 didn't cut it, just that the cr got going in the sand just a bit quicker. An interesting sideline. On a long stretch of sand, using a handlebar mounted GPS, I got the 426 going over 81mph with a padle tire!

Have FUN!

I do about a 1/4 of my riding in the dunes and I love how the 426 responds. It gets it on for the hill climbs-where banshees stop in 3rd I shift through 5th and blow past them. It also works great for jumping although with the taller size of the paddle tire I tend to bottom out a little bit more. Try a ten-paddle-this bike really rips

:) Joe

The 426 owns the dunes! I have a banshee that is built to the nut as well and I would rather be on the nearly stock yz. There are very few things faster and even fewer that are more enjoyable.

Sweet, sounds like I might give the ol' 426 a try. To bad I probably won't get the parts I ordered, this sucks. Oh well, I guess it's better than having cheesedicks flying airplanes.


2000 YZ426F

2001 CR500R

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