Thinking of a new bike

I might buy a new bike and just wanted to know what everybody thinks about the xr650 for all around riding. I will do some motorcross for fun, not a fan of big air but do like jump a little and would like to race some hairscrambles with tight woods in sections. I have a xr400 now and i do love this bike but I am ready for some more power. I will keep the 400 for a spare. Whats a good price out the door in the southeast for a 03 or 04 xr650? I found a 02 Yamaha wr426(brand new) for $5000 out the door but not sure if I'm ready to go blue and the guys on the wr forum said that was to high for that bike. It looks like it depends on where you live. I think I would like the wr450 but I'm scared of the woodruff key issues. I know form the xr400 that you can't do much to tear them up and I figure the xr650 will be as reliable.

Do you sit down while riding? Buy the Honda. Do you stand up while riding? Buy the WR.

Don't worry about the key ---

If you can - try the DR400 also.

Just go get and don't worry about it. Then ride it like you stole it!

BRP will jump, and is actually quite tame in the air. It doesnt feel heavy in tight stuff as long as you keep moving, only when you are stopped or going really slow do you feel the weight. As for reliability, I ride the living crap outta my bike and have to say that it is the most reliable bike i have ever owned or seen, no issues except the coutershaft oil seal blew, but thats a 2000-2001 problem only. below, link to a little jump behind my house, didnt even take my wallet out of my pocket, BRP couldnt care about this kind of abuse, twice as high on a flat landing (i was trying a nose wheelie.....yeah) was the only time ive bottomed it. [image]


if the pic didnt work

I just bought one, I have not seen it yet, it's being shipped to me (I can't wait!) The research I did said there was nothing around to compare to it for the money. I was looking very hard at the DRZ400, but noticed the guys were making HP mods after a short while. You don't see anyone worring about needing more power on the XR forums :)

There are some things the XR400 will do better, but since your going to keep it anyway you can always use it for the super tight technical stuff. The power of the BRP makes flat ground fun.

I'm definitely leaning towards getting the xr650.

Just picture your buddies getting buried in the massive roost as you blow by them, descition made. :) JR.

Big t! I wish I was there in Memphis now! but I won't be until Dec 19th but I'd let you take a spin on my XR650R (BRP). I'm not sure where in memphis we could ride though but try find one that is uncorked right and set up right and give it a spin b/c you will love it! It's at least worth a shot before you decide to "Go Blue"!


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