What Triple Clamp, Forks, Suspension Will Fit a 98' YZ400f ?

Hi all you experts and gear heads out there!!

Heres the deal, about a month ago I crashed on some rocks and bent the outter fork tube of my shiny 98 YZ400f. Tried to fix it, re-shaped the tube and what not. But it's still leaking.

So anyway, was talking to a buddie who menchened that I should see about upgrading to dual chamber forks.

My question is, has anyone replaced the front suspension on a 400 with something newer? Anyone know what all might fit?

Thanks in advance!


There are a lot of threads about this posted already. Search through them if you need more info.

Any complete front end (forks and clamps) from any YZ400/426/450 from '98-'07 will bolt directly on your bike. Forks from '98 - '03 are virtually identical to yours. '04 and up require the clamps they each came with. The '04 makes a pretty nice, easy, low cost upgrade, but isn't as good as the '05 and later twin chamber forks.

The best of the lot are the '06-'07, but they're expensive, even used, and I don't think I'd advise spending $5-600 on a bike that's probably not worth more than twice that on the used market, but that's up to you.

If you're looking for a low cost fix, go to eBay and look for any YZ fork from '99-'03, and use the springs from yours. Otherwise plan to spend a little.

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