Do you find the stock speedo to be correct?

I have a 07 WR 450 it seems that the speedo may be correct at low speed but then it seems to me that the higher it registers the farther off it is. I have stock gearing, air box mods, jetted correctly, wires dissconnected and ais and pea shooter removed. When following a cage in a 30 mph zone it reads about 30 mph when I get out on my own on the back roads and open it up it seems to climb up to the 80s real quick. it also seems like I am doing well over the 89mph that I saw just shortly before the curves and washboard bumps showed up. At that point it was still pulling a little i think. I have seen over 80 on my other bikes in this strech, but this seems much faster.

the other bikes are "road bikes". I'm not looking for top speed as a mater of fact I am going to gear it down some for the tight trails we have here. If the cops stop me for a muddy plate I just have to clean it. If they stop me for speeding I have to pay.

They are generally quite optimistic and can be reading 5-10% high pretty easily.

Either grab or borrow a GPS or download an app to be sure but you're most likely going quite a bit slower than you think you are.

One easy way to check is to find mile markers and try to hold 60 mph and see if it takes one minute to go from one to the other.

checked it with the GPS it was within a couple .10th of a MPH all the way up to 83.8 on the GPS and 83.6 on the stock speedo

I've tested my '06 with my Garmin GPS, and the stock speedo was accurate. It all depends on how worn the front tire is, but the manual shows you how to correct for different size front tires.


I found this delima a good excuse to get a GPS. I picked up a Garmin E-Trex. It worked well except I would not want to have to read the map while moving at all. The screen is too small.

Intersting since most street bikes are even 3-10% factory that the WR would be so accurate. Huh, my odo was off a lot on my 04 which is why the PO replaced it with a Vapor and my old XR650L was way off too.

Good info to know, I wil stand corrected then, as long as its calibrated correctly it's accurate.


I posted this yesterday in another topic. I can't say what the previous owner had done but I have not recalibrated the speedo.

"I saw the post and decided to test it myself on mine. 07 wr 450, 13/52 gearing, snorkle removed, ais removed, pea shooter removed, gray and blue wire mod and jetted for 0 to 1000 feet. I did 63.2 miles on the stock tank pre reserve. 23.2 mi dirt and asphalt roads with topspeed test of 83.8 mph. Average asphalt speed including topspeed test 49.7 mph. The rest of the tank was used on 4wheeler trails and mostly single track bike trails and no track woods rideing. Top trail speed 39.9 mph speed with an average speed 12.6 mph."

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