NewBe on the board

Yo everyone, just checkin in on this board for the first time. I am lookin into picking up either a WR400 or 426 in the next few months, after I sell the Jeep. I was wondering what I should expect to pay for one. I've done quite a bit of research and this bike seems to fill the bill for me the best. I rode MX as a teen and converted over to Jeepin for the last few years, but it's just too slow and way to expensive. I'm sure you'll all agree the WR is the way to go, right?

Welcome, you will find a wealth of knowledge on this site. One thing to keep in mind is that '02 and older are green sticker if it even matters.


i think a new 426 would be around 5000+ and a used one anything below that, keep in mind after market parts like bars clamps chain, pipe etc on a used one because if you buy new you will have to swap those out unless you can manage not to crash ever :D :D :)

Welcome to TT, the best place for all dirtbike info you could want. And oh yeah going back to dirtbiking is the best idea :)

I just bought my '99 WR (Street legal) with the mods below for $2700. It's not a garage queen, but should get the job done.

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