Anyone using an FMF Power Bomb Head Pipe?

I already installed a FMF Power Core IV. I was just wondering if the Power Bomb will make any differences and if it is worth the $190.

I'm doing the BK Mod this weekend. Sounds like a sure thing!! How will this mod effect my bike with an after market pipe and possibly a head pipe? Any input would be greatly appreciate!!

I bought one myself a while back, And I felt a power difference. In a good way.

Mine really gave me a good boost right off the bottom and with the BK mod and running 100 octane gas the bike now runs like I always thought it should!

I added the power bomb and power core IV at the same time. The jetting needed to be richened to accomodate the better flow. I found that the suggestion for jetting on the WR page worked well. #45 PJ, OBELN needle, and 170 MJ, YZ's might not need such a change. I have a WR which has been YZ timed and the power bomb gave me back the low end pull I felt I lost when changing to YZ timing.

Finally stopped lurking and registered!! Wondered if you had to rejet when you fitted the FMF Powerbomb header?


'99 YZ400F

i noticed the throttle response was much improved, so is the low end grunt,also it is a little quieter. my $.02

tim in ca



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