CR style brakline

A question for people who are using the fastline CR front brakeline conversion. I am using the brakline with DSP fork guards and when I ride the brakeline wants to slide down in the fork guard which allows it to rub against the spokes. I tried to use ty-raps to hold it in place but it just snapped them. Has anybody had this problem or have any solutions on how to fix it. Any information would be greatly appreciated


:) Joe


I don't have the DSP guards, just the stockers and I had the same problem! Zip-ties only held for a couple of moto's then would break. I ended up making my own bracket. Search the archives, there are many post addressing this topic.

Yep> I ran into this same exact problem. After trying a couple of things, this is what worked for me. I asked my son to get me some skateboard grip tape from the shop that sponsors him. I cut it in a strip about an inch and a half long and about an inch wide and wrapped it around the brake line where it will be clamped. It works best if you apply it where the sheath overlaps the cable itself and use this junction for the clamping surface. This tape has excellent adhesive properties plus the outside surface provides a strong gripping surface for the clamp. If you want to do this and make it look sano, just take a box cutter and trim the excess off and nobody can see it unless they really look close. If there is a better fix, I'd like to know.

I have a better fix. I designed a lightweight bracket that mounts on the fork guard in place of the two "hooks". It works so well I really should market it. If I ever have time, I may make up a batch.

Scott has the right idea.

I heard of of guy who used the bottom two bolt clamp that holds the brake line there, and mounted it to the stock plastic tab at the top. Just cut off the curved portion of the tab and bolt the clamp and brake line to it.

After destroying my first Fastline cable,I bought a Brake cable clamp from AM-Pro racing that mounts to the fork guard, stock or DSP. I had to drill out aluminum to fit the Fastline cable. You can buy complete cable kit from AM-pro also with their own stainless steel cable. You will destroy your Fastline cables if you have larger rotors w/o removing fork slider on the plastic guide on the fork (it pushes the cable into the rotor as the suspension compresses) The AM-Pro guide on the fork guard is cheap $15 & looks trick as well as functions to keep cable straight & out of the way of rotor & fork slider.

DSP sells a carbon fiber bracket for the Fastline CR mod brakeline for $20.00. You remove the plastic hooks from your stock fork guides and rivet on the bracket. It works great and you can get it at

I posted this a while back regarding the routing of the CR style brake line....I can't find it!

This is what I did on my YZ250 almost 2 years ago with no problems and not one broken zip ty. Use the stock brake line clamps (located at the bottom of the fork leg). Grind one side down so it will lay flat on your fork guard. Mount stock clamp to fork guard. About three or four inches down, I drill holes for (two) zip tys..they need to be as close to the edge of the guard as possible. Zip ty (use the thick ones)and go have fun. I have NEVER had one problem with this setup...this is how Factory Yamaha does it.

On my 426, I am running the DSP clamp (new style..only because I thought it looked cool...I know ...posser) and haven't had any problems yet...I still had to use zip tys to keep the brake line off the staction tube.

Hope that made sence.


Does this mod justify the time and money? Ive considered doing it before but just havnt been thaat unhappy with the stock brakes. Just wondering!

IMO, I can't tell a great deal of difference between stock and the Fastline. The only reason I went to this new line was because in a crash, I damaged the stock line. After that, I really didn't feel comfortable with the line wrapping under the end of the fork. Also believe(but didn't check)that it was cheaper than buying from the dealer, I hate buying from the dealer(so expensive). If your looking for better brake performance, try replacing the pads with an aftermarket. I put EBC pads on mine and noticed an immediate difference.


I did this to my bike and it was probably one of the more inexpensive mods I have done for improvement. I am running that and the EBC Racing Pads on the bike and after a heatup braking whend first on the bike, they get better far better than the stock hose. As the flex is reduced in the steel braided line of the fastline as the amount of fluid is reduced so that there is less to deteriorate with time.

As for mounting I used the stock gaurd and the old mount from the bottom mount. Cut the curl off the bottom holder. I then drilled two holes and used two small screws on to mount the bracket. The upper stock mount and the bracket hold it snuggle to the fork guard and out of dangers reach. I have had big crashes and it never got a scratch. Cheap and efficient.


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