Rmz 250 wheel bearing exploded

Went riding last Sunday on the the MX track. Didn't notice anything unusual at the time. Came home and rolled the bike off the trailer to wash it and noticed an irregular clunking sound coming from the front. After removing the front wheel, I could see the right side wheel bearing cover was mutilated. Removed the bearing and discovered a blown bearing, crushed spacer, and minor damage to the inner bearing seat of the hub. I'm ordering a new set of bearings and a new spacer, but do you think the hub can be cleaned up, filed, or cut smooth?



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How old is the bike?

It pays to replace bearings once in a while

The spacer you can replace cheaply, otherwise from the photos it all seems ok, add new bearings + spacer and you are going again

Maybe do your rear bearings also

It's a 2009, but the previous owner was an A racer who likely got a lot of use out of the bike. I ordered the spacer and new bearings for $30 total. I plan to clean up the hub with a Dremel and give it a try. Will do the rear bearings soon there after.

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Well, was able to clean up the edges with a Dremel tool mounted on a routing guide. A metal cutting disc is exactly the right size. Hammered in new bearings with a harbor freight bearing driver and everything is buttoned up with one problem, I lost my front axle nut! Searched everywhere, but I think I may have been thrown out with some dirty rags.

Anyone know the size of that nut? It's doubtful a hardware store will have one. I ordered it from RMATV but won't receive till Monday. No ridding this weekend...again. :cry:

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