2010 yz450f wont start

I have just completed a rebuild on my 10 yz. Everything went back together as planned but for some reason I can not get it to fire. I set the timing and nothing. It didn't spark every time I kicked it so I 180'd the cans to try it on the other stoke and still nothing. It sparks but not every kick........I am confused and the manual is no help. Not sure if it is getting fuel either......little frustrated because if it was a Carb I could tell. Dang FI has got me stumped.......help thumper buds

exactly same problem i have, been at it 2 days trying to get it started but nothing, just put new cosworth piston and cam chain. i might try the old piston back in to see if its thecompression because it seems less with the new piston. let me know if you find the answer

Take of all connectors spray WD40 in them read the memory with a Yamahascanner when no faults replace the killswitch and it will run.

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