New To WR450 & TT

Purchased an '03 WR450 a few weeks ago. After reading all the woodruff key posts I contacted my dealer, he replied right away and said that his rep did confirm the woodruff key problem but that my bike was built after the problem had been corrected at the factory. I do believe the new idler gear may be a wise investment though.

Anyway, been riding a Husaberg FE600 the past two years. I must say that the WR feels peppier however, it does not hook up like the 'Berg. Still getting used to it and tuning the suspension. Only mods so far was removing the plug. I was extremely disappointed after the first ride with the plug in, could'nt believe the difference after removing it. I will continue to modify as I see fit.

Plan to ride HS this next season, really like the tight stuff and I think the WR will work for me.

I have learned alot from this site and am sure I will learn more and maybe even contribute something useful. :)

welcome... just take the throttle stop off and put a yz one in and hold on... well after you take the intake boot out and put a 152 main in hold on :):D

Good to have you. Post trips. Mo is close. We run to Chadwick several times a year.



welcome to TT.

although it's called the "250F FAQ", the following link contains a ton

of information that is directly applicable to your new 450F as well...

check out the FREE MODS section and also the Maintenance area.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Thanks for the replies. I plan to ride at Chadwick some this winter. If anyone is going there feel free to send a PM. Also looking for some one my son's age (14) to ride at his pace. Will also be at Finger Lakes occasionally.

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