RMZ 250 Problems

RMZ 250 Going dead after it warms up.

Got a good deal on an rmz 250, bike runs good but after it warms up and you are really giving it throttle it goes dead . I have replaced the coil pack. new plug of course . cleaned the carb. was thinking maybe it is in the valves? Just hoping someone else has come across this problem and has figured it out. thanks in advance

Describe the problem better.

WOT slowly causes bog?

WOT quickly causes bog?

Idle is good?

Existing jetting?

the bike idles fine. you can go on it forever at a slow pace. Not sure what the jettings are on it at the moment. Before the bike warms up you can give it hell. but when it warms up hit the throttle .. goes dead! I'm thinking it's the valves not set properly. but im not a bike mechanic. and yes once you hit the throttle after it is warmed up it will quickly bog out and go dead.

Gas cap vent?

not sure .. guess it could be clogged. we just put a new hose on it though. been working on it and the jetting is 178

Luckily we have a kxf 250 that we can swap parts around on just to eliminate the problem, we switched carbs tonight ran it for a little while then it started raining so not sure if it fixed the problem or not but we will see tomorrow .

after replacing carb from the kxf 250 it is still doing the samething.


Thank you for the help Krannie, I think you may be on to something there. I'll let you know .

That fixed the problem :cry: Stator was melted from it getting to hot. the timing was off, hope that is what caused it to run hot. Had to replace all parts back to the Kx , so all I got to do is order what parts I need and I should be all set.


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