Fuel filter clogged?

Tried to ride yesterday and went to start my bike. It took forever and never really would idle. It would bump start but ran very poorly once it did run. I shut it off and went home. I checked the valves last night and they were perfect. Bike has spark. Sucks cause I just got it back about a month or so ago after not riding it for 6 months. I got a new cylinder/piston because the old cylinder/piston was so corroded.

Can you change a fuel filter without having to re-charge the efi system?

2010 crf250r btw.

Checked the fuel pump and when I hooked it up to a battery it did sound like it was working. I wonder if I got a bad batch of gas, but it ran perfect the day before, so now i'm lost.

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get a new filter... not sure if I should go by looks, but your filter looks like mine when it was clogged. (died out in the middle of a race) I got a new one, and it was completely white even when saturated with gas. Honda only sells the updated filter now. It's like $30 for the kit with all of the seals. Bike runs great now.

If you run pump gaz you must consider changing it every 25-30 hours

Replaced the filter and still no go. Bike is at the shop right now. I'll know more next week. Bike doesn't even have 20hrs on it.

The 2010 had a whole pump upgrade due to the earlier pumps failing, particularly if the filter was blocked like your is in the pic. Failing that, I'll guess you have moisture in one of the wiring plugs, the usual culprit is either of the 2 behind the right hand shroud or the TPS connector on the side of the throttle body. Get some dialectric grease and add a little to all your plugs and you'll be bullet proof in the wet.

So i figured out my problem last weekend, I had a cracked piston. The fuel pump and everything was fine, although I did change the fuel filter. I should be good for a while.

I'm ditching the regular gas around here and running Sunoco 112. It's more expensive, but if it keeps me from having fuel related issues i'm all for it.

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