426 throttle cables , can be installed on a '08 450 ?

Can someone use the 426 cables on a '08 450 ?

I saw the p/n are different but am wondering if they would fit .

I think not.

I think they would fit. They're a little longer (about 1-1/2") but that's ok. I'm running an 07 450 carb with 03-05 cables on my yz426 'cause the original 07 cables were just too short for the bike.

I asked the wrong thing... :cry:

On a yz450(543 bb stroker) '08 with fcrMX41mm from Sudco what cables should be installed ?

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Probably the stock '08 450 cables.

What the hell is the bore and stroke on that?

All the stuff came of MaxRPMS , it also has Webcams , ported head and more , that's the only thing i know..!

It's an sm bike .

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