My clutch is dragging/sidepanel airbox mod

I had my bike(BRP) up on the stand the other day after a wash and started it up to evaporate the water off the pipes. I decided to toss it in gear while I was at it and lube the chain. I noticed that even with the clutch lever pulled to the bars the rear wheel would slowly creep in first gear. I tried to adjust the cable at the perch but still couldn't get it to disengage fully. Should I start playing with the adjustment at the clutch arm on the case or is this a sign it's time for a new clutch? Never had this happen before where I couldn't adjust it out at the perch. Any Ideas?

One more thing.....does doing the numberplate/airbox mod really make a difference or is it a waste of a hundred bucks? Looks like it should provide a straighter shot of air to the filter but thought I'd check first.

D :)

the clutch will usually turn the wheel without a load-this is normal, as long as it's not dragging when the wheel is on the ground. Is the bike hard to put into gear or get into neutral? That would be a sure sign-good luck

Being a wet clutch it is normal for it to drag - more so when the bike is cold.

Venting the side cover made my bike run better - free horsepower!!

Good, I guess I just never noticed it before. I was thinking something was up with the clutch.

Hey Dutch,

Did you use a pre manufactured sidepanel like the one from SRC or did you do it yourself? Seems like it would be easy enough to do with some wire mesh and a a rivet gun. :)

Yes - I cut it out and used stainless screen - easy and cheap :)

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