Wanted: Used Clarke 4.7 for XRL

Okay, its safe to say this is an ABUSED topic (no thanks to Dual_Dog and myself :D ), but I'll take one Clarke 4.7, slightly used, for a killer price. Even if it means stealing it from your neighbors' cousins' uncles sisters' bike! :) Just throwing it out there!


Hey Marbee, It's nice to know you're giving credit where credit is due. Not sure of the intent, but it's a good thing we've already ridden together!

I put the "Aftermarket... for the L" out there for us since we've quickly outgrown our "baby tanks," espeicially after hearing about the Sheriff's 3-day, 250 mile, San Felipe trip. Hoping for some feedback. Got some good info from "pork chop."

I think were on the right track with the Clarke, though. :)

Best wishes to your wife.

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