gear shifter stuck

My gears seem to be shifting hard. When I shift to second gear, my shifter is stuck up. I need to kick it back down so I can't shift into third? Anyone?

I have a yz426f 2001. Aftermarket shifter.

Have you tried shifting it by hand? (with the bike parked up and not running obviously) I don't know how much you've looked into the problem at this stage so I'm wondering if it is something simple, like a bent lever catching on the case.

Did it happen slowly over time? Suddenly after a crash? Need a bit more info to help you out better.

Next time you do an oil change, pop the clutch cover off. You should be able to see the gear drum that the lever engages to change gears. If the edges are worn off either the drum or the shifter, replace that part.

Getting further inside the engine, there's the main drum on the inside the shift forks ride in... could be some damage to the shift forks too. Both of those require splitting the case to get to.

Check your clutch cable. My gears started getting hard to shift, I couldn't find neutral, etc.. My clutch cable was too loose and barely disengaging the clutch.

Ordered a new one while I was at it.

If the shifter is failing to return to center, the most likely cause is that the shift shaft is bent (why was the shifter replaced, hmm?). This will cause an excess of friction between the shaft and the crankcases, making it hard for the centering spring to move the shaft on its own. The shaft can be replaced by removing the right side crankcase cover and the clutch assembly.

I tryed it by hand and it does get stuck. I notice it does scrap a little against the crankcase when I'm riding because of the way I shift.(not by hand)

It seems to shift hard sometimes, I changed the shifter because I was having problems with the shifter and I though it was because I could not reach it. I had extra ebay bucks and bought a shifter, hoping to be able to reach it easier.

While I was riding it was my friend that spoted my shifter sticking up. It is the only reason I know, then when I was at a stop, I did it by hand, it did stick up with out touching the cranckcase.

I will look into the crank case in the next few days, I've never open the crank case before, sooo, any help will be appreciated.

inside of my KTM... yours is probably similar.

Pulled the clutch side cover off... there's one for the clutch pack to replace the plates, that's got an O-ring seal on it, removing the whole cover gets you access to more goodies.

Holding the wrench on the outside of the shift drum; that goes to the inside that engages the shift forks. The part on the lower-left is welded to the shifter. Pulling the shifter, clutch hub, and outer shift drum off would allow this part to slide completely out of the engine.


Shouldn't need to go this far unless things are really ugly... inside of the KTM RFS engine.

Needle bearing in the lower right is for the shift lever.

Just to the left of that bearing, the aluminum part with the traces milled into it, is the inner shift drum; nubs on the shift forks engage in this part.


I'm going to go back to the track and play with it there before I get down to removing the clutch. I lubed the clutch cable and replaced the factory with a longhorn clutch. Seems pretty cool.

I originally changed the shifter because I had a hard time reaching it.

It seems I didn't lock the bolt tight enough. I removed the shifter and re screwed it. I have not had an issue since. :devil:

I do have a hard time finding the neutral though, maybe tighter springs would help? seems to shift ok.

Best way to find neutral is from 2nd gear as you're going up a technical hillclimb, then try and shift into 1st.

Seriously though, I always have to rev the engine and click it once or twice before mine clicks into neutral.

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