I just bought my first yamaha

Its a 01 WR426, its got a bigger IMS tank, a YZ style seat, renthal bars, and bark busters, other than thats its stock. Its got the throtle stop, baffle and snorkle or whatever that thing is on the airbox all out. The guy gave me a thor chest protector, thor elbow pads, MSR knee/shin pad things and a nice stand with a little tool tray under it, all for 3700. Seems like a good deal to me what do you think?

Ive been reading these forums for a while now and figured it was time to sign up. Im 18 and ride mostly logging roads and trails here in western washington. I used to be a honda guy, well i still am but i guess im goin with yamaha too now. My last bike was an 84 XR350 engine in a 88 XR250 frame with a few other custom things that somehow managed to run when put together, it was too old and i reached its limits. Then a few months ago it jumped time and bent the exaust valves and its been in pieces in my garage ever since waiting to be fixed, ill get it done someday and sell it. Ive also got a 99 kasea 125, its not very fun at all and im selling that too. Then ive got a 1980 CR80 that i picked up for 100$ off a friend not running because he put the piston in backwards, im fixing it up for a bike to mess around on.

Anyway back to the WR, i like it so far but i noticed that just off idle in 2nd and 3rd gear when there isnt much of a load on the engine (i didnt try it in any other gears) it doesnt run too smooth and kinda pops a little but as soon as i get on the gas its fine. I rode a friends 02 WR426 for a few hours a while back and dont remember it being like this. A friend of mine that has a YZ250f says his does the same thing and its normal, and another friend who has a Yz426 told me that its because the baffle is out and i need to mess with the jetting, which makes sense. But the guy i bought it from said he was fowling plugs when he first got it and took it to the bike shop, they messed with the float level and he hasnt had any problems since then. So should i leave it the way it is or try to fix it?

Well thats all for now, im sure ill like it here, its a good site.

Good luck to Ya,You'll have a ball on a wr426, I've got a wr 450 and my mates 426 just pulled away from me, he's always rubbin it in, they hammer. But anyway, sounds like a good deal to me!

I don't know about the states, but over here in Oz we can register our wr's, but not the crf450's so it seems to me that the wr's have to be a better deal. :)

I'd dump the rest of that junk you've got because the wr does it all, no probs.

As for the popping it could be a bit lean, but I'm no expert, Have Fun and Good Luck, Catch Ya!!!!!!!!!!

Check the jetting forum and be prepared to be overwelmed by all the info :)

Welcome to TT

I just got the same bike last June and have the exact same issue with the popping while at a steady pace. I am sure it is jetting. Mine was a little rich when I first got it. I did some adjustments and now it is a lot better. Where in WA are you? I am just east of Spokane.

i live outside of elma, elma is a half hour west of olympia

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