Where does the oil go?

I try and do my oil changes every 900-1000km as I do a lot of street riding too, when I drain it I only get like 600-700ml out of the 1000 I put in. Where is it going? My friends 09 does the same thing. Don't think it's burning out the exhaust as there is no color or smell.

probably out the valve cover vent tube.

Is it supposed to lose sOme? As it doesn't appear to be burning any

2 things come to mind. Oil WILL come out of the crankcase breather hose off the top of the valve cover. Usually it is just drops, but over time it could add up. Secondly, if you do not remove the oil filter from the right side of the engine, you will be leaving approximately 100 ml in the engine. Remove the oil filter and tip the bike to the side to get as much as you can.

I'm just worried that there was something wrong with it, maybe it is just dripping. I got 4500km on it now and haven't done anything to the bike besides change oil and tire

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