Yamaha dealer who can street legal a 2012 WR450?

I need to buy a 2012 that is already plated from another state in order to transfer mine to La. Anyone know of such a fantastic dealer? I usually buy used out of state plated bikes, but I don't want to wait a year.

After 9 months of my scheming and calculated moves, today my wife of 16 yrs, finally said something about me getting a new bike. I really don't remember exactly what she said, but I interpreted it as, "go ahead and get it". LOL

So I need to strike very soon.


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I know here (Vermont) the dealers wont touch it in that manor. I would say the best bet is to have a trusted person in another state buy it under thier name and go through the plateing then purchase it from them. Don't forget the "finders" fee to help make it worth thier while.

Wow what a PITA! I do hope that someone on here can name a Yamaha dealer that knows something about WR/YZ's in general.. I have tried all the Yamaha dealers in my area, they are useless with zero parts inventory.. My brother stocks more stuff for my bike (shared parts) at his KTM, Beta dealership than they do..

Only racing Yamaha shop I can think of from back in the day is Lojack's, I think they were up east??

Yeah, I have a friend in Arkansas that I can use. It is a time consuming process though. I buy it, then sell it to him, he registers and plates it, then sells back to me, I wait a month or so, then I go register it. I need my bike for my Colorado trip, and I Definetly need a larger tank and plate. I may just have to wait until after summer. By then, I would have to wait for the 2013's.

I expect there to be no dealer willing to do that, but thought I would try a distress call and see if I get lucky.

I'm pretty sure Deptford Honda Yamaha (DHY) here in Nj could do it for you. Google them and give them a call. I know it's far from you but might be worth a shot.

In PA anyway, that cannot be done because the bikes come with ORV titles instead of an actual MC title, the only way to get a WR streeted here is get a modified/reconstructed title and send all the paperwork in to get a MC title.. I have a street legal CR 500 that i got from Michigan, and transfereed the Mich MC title to PA.. The yamaha dealer i work at couldnt do that if they wanted to.

You probably wotn be able to pull this off man... Lexington Motorsports in Lexington KY would tag your '12 WR for you, but you aren't an instate resident.. so they can't convert the MSO to a title for you.

I bought my leftover 09 brand new from them, and that exactly what they did for me. A few weeks later, my plate and street title showed up in the mail.. Freakin' sweet!

Thanks for the responses.

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