make the switch?

Hello all,

Ive been a long time lurker and have not posted that much in the past. my current ride is a 2009 crf450r that is fairly setup for the mix of riding that i do (some mx and a lot of trail riding and racing). the honda has been a great bike but is quite tired after 200 hrs. i've been eyeing the 2012 wr450 for a while now and am thinking that it might be a better fit for me. one of my biggest concerns is the weight. with my honda being about as light as a 450 gets and the wr being on the hefty side, it would be a substantial change. i dont think the power (once i get the wr uncorked) will be that big of a difference.

thanks for any replies and input on the topic! by the way i ride the A class at the local motocrosses and also in the enduros that i enter.

I was in the same situation last year, I had an 08 CRF that I used for double duty, great track bike, OK woods bike after I made some changes.. Worst thing about the CRF for me was the suspension, i had it done to suit me on the track becuase thats where i needed the most help, off road it was ust too stiff, which I expected.. The harescrambles I run are usually extremely technical, wet muddy roots, ruts and things like that.. After 2 hrs on the CRF it was a handful in that stuff, the 08 had power that was too violent for that type of riding and that bike was too much like work to ride..

I made the switch to a 2011 WR, all uncorked it still doesnt run anything like the CRF, for the type of riding I do, thats great tho, extremely useable power for technical stuff that doesnt tire you out as much as the CRF did, suspension is great for technical woods, although i dont think Id be too excited to ride it on a track, cant speak for the 12 model, it has different suspension than mine, but I cant imagine its very good on a track. I put a rekluse in my bike and couldnt be happier with it.. The wieght factor, well, it is what it is, your right about the WR being hefty, you will notice the weight, but the bikes off road manners make the extra weight worth it for me..

Final opinion.. If I raced more open/faster Harescrambles and enduros, and rode the MX track more i probably would have stuck with the CRF and added more flywheel weight or something.. But for technical offroad single track stuff the WR flat out works awesome for me..

thank you for the information, that sounds good. can anybody compare the power of an uncorked 2012 wr450f to my 2009 crf450r. my cr just has a twin air filter and a yosh pipe and tuner etc.?

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