01 YZ426F for sale ...going red

I hope you are getting a 250 or 125, because if not I think you will be disappointed.

I have gone to the 02 CR 250 and although it has been tough riding the 4 banger for 2 years and learning to ride the 2 smoke again, it is soooo light.

Wait til 03 for Yamaha to "FIX" the 426 to 450 and blow the Honda out of the water.

You will not be happy with the Honda I garantee. It's easy to start, slow, smooth and good quality, but Yamaha will not be outdone.


Okay...I must confess that I am going red soon and need to sell the big blue thumper. I love this bike but the weight savings, Honda quality etc. are hard to resist. I guess my teenage Honda days have not left me.

01 YZ426F, with very few hours on it. A few Vet racers only this summer (Oldtimers stuff) and ridden once very two weeks at most from March to now. Comes with TAG upper triple clamp (adjustable bar placement) and oversize bars in McGrath bend. FMF PowerCore IV muffler is almost new a couple of weeks ago. New o-ring chain and sprockets three weeks ago. Michelin M12 on rear is still fresh. Suspension both front and rear has been revalved (and fresh oil) by Protech racing in early August. Has .48mm/kg RaceTech fork springs as well. Excellent suspension...much better than stock and it does not bottom but remains supple on little hits. You will not want to ride stock suspension again! This bike is amazing but the Honda bug has bit me! Asking $ 4950 obo...comes with old stock bars and upper clamp, manual, tools, etc.

Available in mid October when the red beast arrives. Easy access to Seattle via Vancouver. Can provide Nivis form.

Thanks for the thoughts but no two smokes in the future for me. The big 450F is what I am after and I do not think I will be disappointed. More bottom end, 15-20lbs lighter and it is fun to be different. Blue bikes are great and fast, but 03 is too long to wait for a lightness fix.

For some reason my email was not listed in the original message so here is it in case anyone wants the 01 426F with numerous extras on it.



I would not even get into whether A Yamaha is better than a Honda 4-stroke because it's moot anyway. Only time will tell. Being a 426 owner and feeling absolutely no loyalty to Yamaha, I can say honestly that I am impressed with Honda's decision to separate the crankcase lubrication from the transmission/clutch. This design was what first came to my mind when Yamaha was rumored to be developing a 4-stroke M/Xer.

If Yamaha doesn't follow suit then they are an idiot company. Why would you want to have clutch and transmission particles contaminating the oil that lubes the crank bearings and cylinder walls? DUH!! Does the term "wear" mean anything? My bald spot is getting huge from all the excessive scratching. Would Mobil 1 keep this scratching at a minimum?

Boit - where the #$%^ did that come from?

You already know that street bikes have employed this set up (common lube) for decades. I am not all that happy with my '00 bike, but I sure as heck do not want to have 2 different oils to change - there are enough plugs and lines, etc, etc as it is.

Everytime I chance my oil, I am left to wonder which bolt /nut / plug I left loose, and if my engine oil light is going to come on before the engine siezes. Also, talk to anyone with a KaToom, it is even more expensive have 2 x the filters amd oil to buy.

Plusses and minuses to every case I guess.


I am glad the Honda is almost out. The thing I am most interested in is the weight savings.

I will not be shopping for a bike until at least 2003. I think I will have lots to choose from. :)



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Just thought I would repost the for sale message for the 01 426 with Protech suspension, FMF muffler, TAG bars and upper clamp, new Oring chain and sprockets, vet ridden and in great shape...very few hours...$4900

The big RED 450 arrives in the next couple weeks and big blue must go to a new owner!

Douglas, I will be very suprised if the real weight difference is over 10lbs, 12lbs max.

I give no credit to any magazine or anyone talking about the weight on these bikes until I have actually weighed them for myself on a true race scale with its tolerances traceable to the national bureau of standards.......this is just the Machinist coming out in me.

My 01 426 full of fuel weighs 260lbs with aftermarket parts which are,

Works connection frame gaurds,

Moose Bark Busters,

and the Hebo clutch.

Thats about 5lbs worth of stuff max.

Dirt Bike Magazine says the CRF is 233lbs without fuel, and they also say it is 16lbs lighter than the 426, this does'nt add up.

233lbs plus 15lbs for 2 gallons of fuel is


Even with my after market parts that is only a 12lb weight savings, so without the extra hardware on my 426 your looking at 10lbs or less difference.

I love the new Honda, its a great engine design and I would love to own one, but I'm going to wait on the 03 426 myself.

I got Blue in my veins every since that first '79 yz 80 I was hooked on Yamies.

If I made some mistakes with my figures, please correct me.

4-strokes rule !!!!!!!!!!!

Later, Jason

Well Jason, I hate to say it but Im selling mine too, if you know anyone looking let me know. I might even trade for a 2000 up CR250.

Norman K.

Beaumont, TX

I think the engineering and styling on the new Honda CRF is very nice, but I'm concerned about the thing's durability. Let's just pretend that the bike is as light as Honda claims, that weight savings has got to come from some where. I'm going to be very interested to see how these bikes hold up under the rigors of being crashed on a regular basis. I know I fall down a bunch, and my YZF has held up remarkably well. Honda's quality is excellent, and they stand behind their products better than most, but it just has me wondering...

You selling out to Norman....? Man...is your YZ426 "jimmy rigged" with JB weld like your XR was (you should see all the crap Matt has had to fix)? We are splitting the cases on your old XR400 in the next 2 wks to do some engine work...and then Matt will be selling it to get a 02' YZ426 (or maybe a CRF450) he turns 18 on April 20th and will be getting a bike then (due to the fact that his Dad wont let him get a new bike now...so when he is 18 he can get a loan himself) Well we should be heading up to the woods (new Waverly and or Skull Creek) fairly soon (since it is actually cooler outside) Well talk to ya later,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

No, nothing is wrong with my 426 at all, Im the only four stroke in my class and its a very competitive class, dead engine starts, if it dont start on the first kick im screwed, the courses are getting alot tighter and a two stroke will just be easier to handle. I love my bike, Ive never had one problem with it, just time to move on. Cant answer about the JB weld on the XR, must have been the owner before me, believe me I had to fix alot of things also, always ran though!! Let me know when you hit the woods, maybe we can hook up.


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