Lift stands

I am looking at getting a lift stand for my '01 650L cause im tired of having to lift the heavy 300lb + bike up on to support blocks every time I wanna change wheels for off road or change a flat. If anyone has any suggestions for which one is the best and reasonably priced please post. :)


I picked-up the Motorcycle/ATV stand at SEARS, for about $98.00. It comes with the straps and is easy to assemble. Works perfecto! I have also seen one at COSTSO if you have one in the area...

Good luck!



Sam's club has them also I use mine on my 650L and on my Gold Wing works great under $100.00

Thanx alot for all the info guys it was very helpful. :) Also thats awsome that you have a hyd unit built into the floor of you garage loufish. Now if only i had the money to put something like that in my basement that would be awsome. :D

Same lift is at Harbor Fraight for $49. It's Yellow insted of red. You might want to piant it.

Same lift is at Harbor Fraight for $49

I have several friends that use lifts like those, and they are pretty happy with them.

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