how to emergency clutch repair?

I've recently had a few clutch failures while out in the desert.

every time its been cooked and I've been pulled or carried out.

this got me thinking, is there any way to make an emergency repair to get me home under my own power?

... after I lay the bike on its side take and take the clutch cover off, do you rekon any of the below would work to get me home without killing the bike.

1) tighten up the springs above specified talk.

2) carry a spare friction plate and put it in

3) weld an old steel plate to an old friction plate and carry that, put it in to lock the clutch

If I locked the clutch, either with overtightened springs or the welded plate, would that stop the gear shift? I.e. even though I can normally change gear without pulling the clutch, does it need a small slip to work?

What do you think? Any other suggestions?



If all the friction discs haven't been burnt totally, you can shuffle the friction discs. It can work for a while. I did it once to get back to the truck.

And once, a friend of mine has to borrow three of my WR's friction disc to put into his YZ450F as all of his friction disc totally flat and burnt.

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-Tightening up the springs, isn't possible, so that won't work.

-Carrying a spare friction plate might work, that is, if one plate would be enough to help you limp home.

-Locking two plates together, either thru welding or pop-riveting, should work. But it'll be hard on the tranny. Luckily, your in all of that sand, so that should help keep you from damaging the tranny.

If it was my bike, I'd keep a complete set of plates and replace the whole thing if I couldn't keep from having clutch problems during a ride. There must be someway to keep from burning up those plates in the first place.


Well it all seems like working on a cancer cure while you chain smoke. Find the root cause of your issue, I still say wrong oil but no matter get clutch working properly and correct oil in there and that will be a non issue.

But if I were to do an emergency repair (from watching A-Team as a kid, loved when they could get the old chopper going out in the jungle etc...) I would carry a extra friction plate and some new springs with washers to preload them more.. Can't imagine not being able to limp in on that.

Great suggestions, thanks!

I'm on it for the underlying issue also, this is 1 of 3 threads, the others are trying to fix the underlying technical issues..... Oil, springs, cable slack, riding style, pitted basket... Not sure yet which one, might be a bit of all of them, so thought it best to still have plan B in case its none of them and it fails again!...+ i love the A-Team!



I used to fry my plates too until i realized unwashed adjusting the lever wrong.

Have you pu the correct amount of slack at the lever?

Add washers on top of the springs bolts for more presure. the day my 81 RM125 clutch would slip after one ride.Everything was adjusted correctly and it drove me crazy.Out of desperation I took the rod out that pushes the pressure plate and took a few mm off it on the bench grinder. Never had a issue again

Unless you head out to the desert with a sketchy clutch to begin with you should not be pulling any emergency repairs to get home

and what oil are you using?

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