map button for 2012 wr 450

I have just bought a 2012 wr 450 having jumped off an 07 wr 450 and love the new bike.

the 07 had a vortex ignition with the button for switching maps on the bars which effectively gave me two bikes, a wr 320 and a wr 465 at the flick of a switch and I have now learnt Vortex wont be making a switch for the new wr as it has the power tuner.

For fear of sounding like a spoilt child, not being able to switch maps is a pain as I'd switch maps up to 50+ times a ride and although the new bike is great, its one bike, where as Im used to two.

Is anyone in techno land aware of a method of being able to switch between the maps without having the power tuner on board and stopping, plugging in a tuner, pressing buttons then unplug and off you go?

I have spoken with one person who seems to think its possible, but he said lots of words I dont get, but surely there is a way to collect the data from the maps you want and be able to store that data and switch between it on the run..surely.. please.. anyone

for some reason it says this is my first post, but Ive been coming here since 2004

formerly Bluebike1999

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