07 YZ450 head pipe

If this has been asked elsewhere, sorry.

I would like to know what year(s) OEM head pipes will work for a 2007 YZ450F. I have read that the 08-09 units will cause running problems, but the "problems" were not substantiated. Any advice would be appreciated.

The '07 is the only OEM header that will fit correctly and work right. The '08-'09 is an oversize diameter to compensate for the restrictive muffler on that bike. When use with a freer flowing exhaust like yours, performance will suffer throughout the range, sometimes quite noticeably. I'm not certain of it, but you might possibly be able to fit an '06 by using the mid pipe gasket from that year. The reason is that the outlet diameter is smaller on the '06.

Alternatives are aftermarket headers like the FMF 'Bomb series. One of these to fit an '07-'09 should work.

Thank you Sir! Your knowledge is appreciated.

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