BK Mod & James Now Mod

OK, i've tried to search these mods, and all I get is people talking about them. I need to find the "directions " on how to do them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! (By the way, I am TOTALLY new to the Jetting thing, and really don't understand it)

Look Here

Poke around the menu at the top, while you are there. I'm sure you'll find all the info you are looking for. :)


Try this link.. It has a good list of mods in the tech section. Motoman393

The jetting will take a little time. You should probably wait till spring and I'll help you out with a pocket full of jets. Pick up a new needle, Yamaha needle OBELN - P/N 5NL-14916-EN and put it on clip 3, with the rest of your jetting stock. Set the BK Mod to a 1 second squirt. You'll like the added bottom and mid :)


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