Parts wanted for 2012 Wr450

Hey guys, I know the bikes are new but does anyone know if anyone makes a larger fuel tank or any way for me to lower my foot pegs with drop brackets?

My dealer said the IMS tank will be out in a couple weeks. As for lowering the pegs, why not put on taller seat foam like guts or siccas racing and put on taller bars/barmounts? What kind of milage are you getting? I am thinking hard on 12wr.

I already have the taller seat and high rise bars ordered, still need the lower pegs. I have not used one full tank yet so I am not sure about the mileage, the bike feels cramped to me, where I am 6'4 and 260 pounds, I also have stiffer springs on the way. I found fast way makes some pegs with a camber kit that will work listed for the 011 yz250 so soon I should be all set up..... :cry:

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