Oil filters for 07-09 and 10-12 YZ 450

Are the oil filters in the 07-09 and 10-12 YZ 450 the same ? Because i have a few oil filters left from my 09 YZ that i would like to use in my new 2012 YZ.

Yes, they are the same. I had an 07 and now have a 11 that takes the same filter.

Same. They do go into the engine the opposite way around (open end IN).

I use the HiFlo filters and they are not the same.The 09-12 use the HF140 and the 03-08 use the HF141. I did a side by side comparison and one of them seems to have more pleats that the other. Can't remember which one had more though..dimensionally, they are identical though.

Thanks for your help guys. I did the oil change today with the left over oil filters that i have K&N-141 for YZ450 07-09 and i did a side by side comparison they are the same size and the K&N does have more pleats than the OE yamaha filter. The K&N part # for the YZ450 10-12 is K&N-140.IMG_1183.jpg

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