How good is the 09 front brake?

Ive just bought myself a really tidy yzf 450 09 but the front brake is nowhere near as good as i would like it, I struggle to lock it up even fully pulling in the lever, ive tried the obvious like bleeding it completely but was wondering if the 09 just has a poor brake?

Ive seen in other posts other people using crf pads and things, would this be possible for the 09 or am i simply missing something?


You might try flushing the brake fluid before replacing it with a CRF unit.

You might try flushing the brake fluid before replacing it with a CRF unit.

So the yzf brake is usually very good then? I will try completely draining it. and let you know what happens. thx

I presume that your '09 brake is the same as my '08? There's no way you should have to fully pull in the lever. I can bring my front tire to a skidding halt on most terrain with one finger.

Are your fork seals leaking? I've had them leak before on other bikes and foul up the pads. If they are, you can try cleaning the seals out with a piece of film or a plain business card (after sliding the dust seals out of the way).

Also try taking the pads out and having a look at them. I've had success cleaning them up with some dish detergent and a stiff brush (when they've been fouled by a leaking fork seal), then spraying them with brake cleaner to remove any soap residue. Might want to scuff them with a piece of sandpaper after they're clean too in case the residue has baked-on from the heat generated by braking.

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