front wheel problems 2010 yz450f

last weekend i was in a race and a bunch of people crashed on the landing of a jump i hit them and crashed and well i just got the chance to try to go look at my bike and it seems my front wheel is tweeked it is not straight between the forks its like turned to the side i thought at first it was the rim but the rim is fine. I tried to turn the forks no fix, i played with the forks for awhile thought i had it fixed but then i went to torque the front end and the wheel wasent as bad but it was still skewed now i think i may have torqued the wheel to tight i dont have a owners manuel im ordering one monday so im using the torque specs of my yz250 2stroke, what are the torq specs for the front axle. If that dosent fix it i think my fork is bent but i dident go down that fast and the forks would take alot of force to bend right ? any help or advice would be helpfull thanks in advance i have never run into this before :cry:

Bent axle

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