What do you guys think?

I look at clouds everyday and see images that I could take as having a hidden meaning. If you could take a picture every millisecond of that smoke and dust billowing up, you would probably be able to see many other images. It means nothing to me. Many people love this kind of stuff and try to find hidden meanings. To each his own. Wasn't there something similar to this in a scene from "The Lion King"?

Its fake, I have seen the same image on another smoking thing a while back




01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

I live in Alexandria V.A. about 2 miles

from the Pentagon, i felt the impact!

physicaly and emotionaly.

Its times like these that we realy

need to come together and appreciate

what we have. without our Country

we have nothing!



that reminds me of the Virgin Mary in the glass on the side of a building in San Deigo, some people will believe anything, Beach

move a pixel here, color a pixel there....

instant fame.

Someone emailed me a pic of osama bin Ladens head on a fat chicks body, being screwed doggy style. I don't think it was real though.

Things are tougher to mess with on film, but digital images are made to be messed with.

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