canadian wr 450

I just ordered a 2004 wr 450 (canadian).Does anyone know if I have to do any of the free mods in order to unleash the power.I heard the Canadian bikes are different then the US bikes ie muffler grey wire.Any info would be great.I probably will not get the bike until Jan I've been told,just in time for snow.Thanks from a 1st time user.Great info on this site. :) :cheers

bibbs, PM me your e-mail and I can send you some pics and a description to mod the very restrictive muffler. Other mods are found using the search function. Congrats on the WR decision. WR Dave. :)

Thanks WR Dave email is Can you guess what sport we do in the winter with that email address.bibbs

You mean there's more I can do to my bike yet? :)

I've got a '02 Canadian WR426 that could be helped with a few mods. Can you send those notes and pics to my email address too?

Thanks an extra couple hp

- Ryan

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