smashed lower frork bungs/guard options


i rode my brand new yz450 today for the first ride and smashed the break side lower fork bung where the clicker is pretty bad. it will be an issue when i need to do fork seals. not to happy about my question...anybody have this issue? and has anyone ran covers for the break rotor or lower bungs...what brands and opinions here...Flatland makes a shark fin for the front, Aceribis makes a cover for the set up...and Lightspeed makes a cover for both bungs...well i need to get one for sure after todays events and i don't want more damage so fire away your thoughts . i have never know why Yami doesn't have these on there bikes like Honda.

So I got this one figured out...Zip Ty Racing makes plugs that go in the bottom of the fork bungs. Add the Aceribis guard and I'm set.

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