All of my friends are going orange...............

About a month ago my good friend John notified me that he cashed in on some investments and had a little money left over to buy himself a new dirtbike. I told him nothing but great things about my WR450f, infact he even told me to hook him up with a good deal on one, before I could he went out and bought himself a killer 04 KTM450EXC. Just this week I found out two of my closest friends (Johnny and son, Derrik) ordered two KTM525EXC's from Florida. Also this week my buddy Bob bought himself and my other friend Joel two more KTM525EXC's from the same dealer.... We're talking 5 new orange bikes within a month's time.....And it's not like I have a million friends. All of these guys had Honda XR's and wanted more performance with a little less weight.. None of them bought a Yamaha... Now it's just me and my dad carrying the blue torch..... :)

Represent us well Dan :) You are the right man for the job


Dan stay away from the water, its got pods in it that make you do "crazy" things!!! Sounds like your friends have been taken over by the pods.

The real question is, when you ride them are you still happy on blue??

The real question is, when you ride them are you still happy on blue??

Heck yes!! Infact only one of them will be able to keep up with old blue, the rest will be in the dust.. :):D

I think some of my friends just have too much money laying around...

Do you know where you live? Everyone has too much $$.

It was a difficult choice for me between the WR450 and the 450EXC, but one factor made it easier. $$. I don't have "too much".

Anyway, just make sure they can't keep up, and wow them with whatever you've got.

Come on Dan.... you know and I know its not like they made a bad choice. :) Besides when they have problems with them, as all bikes do,you can slag away. :D

Team blue needs an emissions sticker, not a red sticker, on the bikes. I think that would slow the orange migration....

I'm finding out that the fact that you can get a plate easier on the KTM's was a big factor.....

Let's all be honest here, If you were racing in Baja in the middle of nowhere, miles from civilization you would really want to be on a Jap bike.... I love the new KTM's, they are really nice bikes but for some reason in my club "Best in the Desert" I see a lot of em' on the side of the road broken down.... They still have issues with the stators just like the WR's have had their share of clutch and woodruff key issues...


You didn't mention *why* they chose to go orange.

Just curious... :)

Personally, I just got back from riding in the deserts of SW Utah and I love this bike. Then again, I've never had the pleasure of riding a katoom.

the wr450 is a LOT better bike in the desert. I've got a little experience here, I live in the desert for 6 months a year and have ridden both brands quite a bit..It would be way too boring if everyone had an Orange bike, it would be a big fight over who would take up the rear...Big Jim :D:):D

I will be looking at replacing my 01 WR426F in the next year or so and I will be seriously looking a an orange bike.....and a green one, and a yellow one and a blue one and a red one :) By the time I will be in the market for a new bike there will be so many mid-size thumpers to choose from. Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki will all have mid size enduro bikes so it will be a little harder to choose a bike than when I bought my 426.....there wasn't much competition back then. I'll just go with what feels right....if it is an orange bike, then so be it :D

I rode with a guy today i have riden with several times he has just sold his 2003 KTM 450 because the head shake was so bad it was going to cost him 2000 bucks to rectify, he bought an XR 400 and is heaps faster now, try work this one out :)

Ricko76: Now you're talking sense!! I don't have any stock in any of these companies either..I've always been partial to Honda's anyway but they don't seem to be too interested in my style of riding (SLOW AND JERKY) :) :lol:In my former life I was a total Husky freak but that was before they moved to Spain, the weather is too nice there and they don't have as much time to work on bikes as they did in Sweden... :D

it just goes to show the power of magazine hype.the only thing ktm did was pull off marketing genius.

ktm's are fine bikes,but if they made a air plane would you fly in it?

ktm's are fine bikes,but if they made a air plane would you fly in it?

Exactly!! :):D :D

When I was able to save up enough pennies to buy a new bike. I did a lot of reading on the WR. I wanted a Yamaha, as I was coming off a yz400. Reading this forum here is what made me go to a KTM. Maybe in a couple of years when Yamaha has worked out the problems I'll buy one. Or I'll wait till Honda gets theirs out :D

I'll be back on a four stroke, just the brand is the question. Right now I have the ultimate trail bike.

02 300 EXC :)


ktm's are fine bikes,but if they made a air plane would you fly in it?

that depends. do air planes have woodruf keys? :)


Dan, I feel your pain. In our pits at the hare scramble races we have three Yamahas(counting my youngest sons PW)and nine Hondas. The red and blue ribbing and joking goes on all weekend. There is only one KTM so far, but after Santa visits this year my pee wee rider will be on a new KTM mini adventure (orange-yuck). No matter what color you ride there is no better times than being with family and friends at off-road races.

ktm is not a bad bike-but not the best. i owned one and had quit a few problems, and try getting parts in a reasonable amount of time. 1/2 of all parts i ordered were on back order forever.

I knew you guys would look at this one. I went riding with a buddy of mine this weekend to break in his BRAND NEW as in 0 hours 2004 KTM 450 EXC. And 0.7 hours later white smoke was billowing from the pipe. Sad but true, I warned the guy as I had a 520 MXC which was nothing but trouble. KTM makes a decent product, but honestly my experience makes be believe it to be much less reliable then the Japanese machines. Stay on the blue one.


04 CRF 450

72 Z50

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