All of my friends are going orange...............

SFO: "Huskys moved to Spain??" Didn't they???? they sure don't make them in Sweden anymore, was it Italy?? I know it was somewhere around that latitude.. At any rate they're not the leader they used to be.. :D:):D

I own blue and Orange. I Love them both. One is a hotrod one is torquer. Both are awesome. I really don't care what color it is they are all fun.

They all have their strengths and weakness. I would stay away from the '03450SX - valve train problems, and I would stay from the '03WR450 - woodruff key issues.

The funny thing is MANY of my friends have gone orange to blue.

I also want to add that there is NO way to be objective about both bikes unless you ride both for a LONG period of time. The first time I rode a KTM rfs, coming off of a KTM 300mxc I was terribly disappointed. The first time I rode a blue (YZ400 & WR400) 4-stroke, I didn't like them either. It takes time to get used to these bikes. I will also say that the WR was easier to adjust to after coming off a KTM than the KTM was coming off a 2-stroke.

I raced my KTM on Sunday and this afternoon I am riding my tricked out WR --> LIFE IS GOOD.

I really do think though, once again, you really need to spend a LOT of time on either bike to determine your favorite. I like the suspension much better on my WR (which is stock and the KTM has $600 thrown at it), but the KTM is a better climbing bike with me on it.

I think all of us should own BOTH!

I think all of us should own BOTH!

Wouldn't that be nice.

I'd like a 300 MXC w/ $600 thrown at the suspension... :)

During Halloween I see a lot of guys thinking orange. :D

I prefer the Yamaha's lower parts costs over the KTM and that is enough for me to make my decision on 2 great brands. :)

Had a 2003 Yamaha 450 WR. SOLD IT!!!! Now have a 2004

KTM 450 EXC, feels much lighter, easy to work on,can

make it a 525 if I want, 6-speed trans,runs greats!

NO DOUBT in my mind.. KTM :)

Dave tells no lies I have seen all of his bikes! :)

Indy - I am not posting this to start an arguement, however, other than plastic. I think KTM parts are priced basically the same as Yamaha. I buy all my KTM parts through CyclezoneKTM in Kansas. They have never had to order me a part - everything I want they have in stock (even specialty tools). I don't know how to go about find out a part by part comparison, but would be interested. On KTMTalk we have a online parts pricing guide. Is there such a thing on Yamahas? I would like to do my own little study. FYI - friends say I am faster on a blue bike :)


Hey Strick,

That may be true today. I am going on past reputation. KTM may have lowered their parts costs and Yamaha may have raised them. You may be right. :) We need more current feedback and experience with Orange parts costs.


You didn't mention *why* they chose to go orange.

Just curious...

Good question!!!

I have never seen "longrider61" here at Thumpertalk before, he's the reason why I posted this thread. His name is Johnny, a good friend of mine, he has navigated dozens of rides thoughout Nevada (mostly casino towns). I personally have been on 13 of his long rides for a total over 7000 miles.

Longrider61, Why did you get the KTM over the Yamaha? I'm curious...

:D To you too!! :)


I rode a 525exc for 20 or so miles on our last long ride and I liked it. I've been waiting for Honda to make a something like a XR450 but no luck this year and my XR400 needs a 6th gear and updating, a XR650 is to heavy and I'm getting too old to wait any longer. :)

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