08 yz450f power?

Been riding the 08' for about 5 months now and really like the bike. My only gripe is I wish it was just a little snappier on the bottom. I changed out the exhaust to a FMF and that helped. Still looking for a little more. Was thinking of going to a 06' cdi, or up one tooth on rear sprocket. Any suggestions? I was able to source a cdi on the cheap so cost is not a problem.

I put a 50 tooth in the rear and it helped. It almost has as much bottom as the 07 crf450

How is the gear ratio? Is 2nd still usable?

06 cdi will help. I bought 4 of them on eBay before they got popular for $40. I would say a must have along with a pipe. I run the stock gearing and like it. I also have a Rekluse Pro which eliminates the tall first gear feel. I now feel that my 09 has the perfect engine feel.

Go up a tooth on the rear. It's cheap and easy.

Go up a tooth on the rear. It's cheap and easy.

Just don't want to eliminate the use of 2nd gear. Seems like it will shorten the gear ratio to much. Like I said earlier I can pick up a cdi for the same price as a new rear sprocket. Has anyone tried both and which did you prefer?

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