09 wr fork tube

Hey does anybody know what material the bottom peice of the fork tube is maid out of? (the peice that holds the brake caliper and axle) I'm wondering if I can weld it. Last weekend me and anouther rider had a head on collision and one of the bolts that holds the fork guard got ripped out, its slitely cracked and the threads are gone. I was hopeing that I can weld it then drill and retap it. that may be hard to do if its magnesium.

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my guess would be plain ole aluminum, but i may be wrong

Pretty sure it is made of aluminum but most likely a cast part. You will need to be pretty careful welding on it...

thanks for the info

Is it in good enough shape to just install a Heli-coil and continue using? I don't know about you, but I prefer a well working front brake!!! And yes, it's good old aluminum, and is cast.


Yep. They are aluminum but you would have to remove it from the Chrome tube as there is most likely a o-ring in there. A suspension shop can remove it if you don't have a tube clamp etc...

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