Troubleshooting electrical issue help

So I've had this 2006 wr450 for 4 months /4000km and it has killed 4 batteries in this time.... When I try and charge them the voltage won't raise at all and they are totally dead. What are the steps to figure out what is causing this?

Last times the batteries died I could still start it by kicking and it got so bad the odometer said 100-199 for speed when not even moving. My horn would sound very weak but all the signals worked ok once the bikes kick started.

Anyone ..?( very confused sorry for the long post)

I had a simular happening on anothe bike. My regulator was boiling the battery which in turn caused it to die over time. That is where I would check first.

How did you go about fixing it?


Like allterra says, the regulator is done.

Try to measure the voltage (Fluke voltmeter or similar) over your battery with motor started.

The voltage should be about 14,4volt dc, When reving the engine, thats the rectifier (zener diode) doing that.

If the voltage is higher, your rectifier, or maybe called regulator on your model, is dead. Its a alublok, mounted near the stering.

regards Carsten


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Thanks , couldn't figure it out or have the tools so it's off to he shop... Again

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