Thundercross sale

I'm looking for any info on the sale of Thundercross in Okeechobee Fl. What I've heard is that all of the event related land (stock car track, motocross track, etc..) was sold to someone who is a stock car racer. Word is that the person intends to keep it open and possibly improve it. I have not confirmed if the woods trail is closed perminantly or not. I'm going to try to go riding there next Saturday and I'll ask the guy at the gate, but the suspense is killing me. Does anyone have solid information on this?

hey Thumpa lot,here is what I've heard:The 35acres that the Stock car /MotoX track is on was sold.The Kirtons still own all the surrounding property but they felt opening the woods for a few wouldn't be worth it,obviously their tired of dealing with it,so start looking for property.Anyone know an attorney who rides that may be able to inform us of the liabilities in purchasing property for another park?

A fried of mine just passed the bar last week. Obviously she's not the most experienced on the planet, but maybe she'll give me some advice for free which will be much better than what I could come up with on my own. The way that people sue today I really cannot blame the Kirtons for not wanting to let the public in if they still own the land. Does anyone know how many acres the woods trail takes up? I wonder what they would sell it for (if they would sell it).

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