Water logged WR450

Hey guys,

I was riding thru a long 2 foot deep river crossing (rare in Socal these days) last weekend and my WR450 started bogging at high RPM. I had to feather the trottle to get across. There was a tread months ago that talked about a breather hose mod to fix this problem? Anyone had similar problems?



re-rought it under the tank into air box

You have 4 tubes coming off your carb. 2 on each side. Of the 2 on each side 1 will be coming off pointing up and one will be coming off point away from the carb. Take the 2 (1 from each side) pointing up and route them to your air box.

What is happening during water crossings all of your breather tubes are under the water and the carb can not equalize the pressure. It's made worse by cold water hitting your carb.

where was this supposedly sighted "2 foot water crossing" the best ive seen this summer is at gorman with a 2 inch deep spring coming from fraiser... my fix is to keep the front wheel up in the air :)

Two foot deep crossing at South Fork Of The Kern, upper Monache Meadows (southern Sierras). I was suprised to see that much water this time of year. The biggest water crossing I saw at Gorman this summer was when we drained our ice chest in camp....

We ride alot of water crossings here and I have put a tee fitting in both of the carb vent tubes that cross over and down and I also installed a tee fitting in the crankcase breather tube coming off of the valve cover. Install the tees a little bit down from the curve of the tubes and put a short piece of similar hose on the third leg of the tee and route it up under your tank. This worked on my WR and eventually on my buddy's DRZ after he kept stalling out on water crossings. Good Luck----WR Dave. :)

Thanks guys,

I will do the mod before the first rains here in Socal. If they ever come.....

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