xr650 or crf450 dualsport

I'm tring to make up my mind . Put the money in the 450 for the wieght or just get the 650. I'm a fast trail rider . I like the way the 450 feels but 2000.00 to make it right ?

The CRF reminds me of an F1 car - the 650R is like a GT40 Lemans 24hr racer.

A bike you may want to consider is the WR400/426/450. It sits in-between the CRF and the XR-R.

Wait for the CRF450X and see what it brings to the table :)

Has anybody heard anything about the crf450x? :) I'm thinking about getting an xr650.

There are a few guys up here in the Northern Michigan woods who are running the enduro series with CRf's. The performance is impressive but the reliability is not so. I have seen more blown up CRF's than I would have guessed knowing Hondas reputation for well engineered products.

My belief is that the enduro version of that bike is not going to share too many vitale components with the moto version.

It will no doubt be a great bike but my bet is that Honda is in no hurry to rush this to market.

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