2008 yz450f

hey so as of now ive got a 2003 cr250r.. anyways i just sold my 2006 crf250r a while ago an was thinking about picking up a 2006 crf450r.. but i decided i might try a yamaha.. so im just wondering is the 08 yz450f a good bike? the one im looking at is bone stock with 15 hours on it for 3400.. so is this a good year? does it handle well and feel fairly nimble? anything i should know about it? and is a 2009 any better? if i get it im thinking i will just do a jd jet kit, carb mod, and a slip on muffler... pry white brothers or fmf, possibily yoshimura.. so let me know what you guys think please. any input would be great

and im 17 years old, intermediate rider, 6'1 and 150 pounds.. plan on doing some mx and a bit of trails..

oh my bad.. meant to post this in the yz450f fourm.. accidently clicked the wrong link into the wr's

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