'03 to '04 WR450 Starter Drive Update

Great job PBDBlue! Let us know if you can confirm all the part numbers and retail prices. I think for a few hundred dollars it will allow all of us to go down a trail without worrying about the infamous woodruf key failure. I have been lucky with my bike but you never know if there is a design flaw when it is going to bite you. Thanks again for the research! :)

PBDBLUE, Thanks a lot for the update. I checked on the side case price today and you are right, about $100. Yamaha doesn't have part numbers yet so we cannot order the torque limiter or case.


Hell I paid 6K for the e-start, what's another $200?? :)

My friend got these part #'s through Yamaha. I have not verified them. I did enter them in to the Power Sports Pro website (www.powersportspro.com) and they did come up with the following prices:

5TJ-15590-00-00 STARTER ONE-WAY ASSY $55.34

5TJ-15411-10-00 COVER, CRANKCASE 1 $77.15

5TJ-1549B-00-00 COVER ASSY 2 $24.15

Like I said I have not verified that these are the correct part#'s. Also the website does not indicate what the delivery times may be. I think I have taken this about as far as I can. Since I have an '04 I don't need to upgrade and my friend is not sure if he's going to at this time. Anyone want to pick it up from here?

That should be good enough. But what about the spring washers do they come with the new starter gear assembly?

That should be good enough. But what about the spring washers do they come with the new starter gear assembly?

In the manual they are listed as part of the same item # so I'm guessing they come with it. If your interested send me a PM amd I'll email you a pdf of the '04 manual pages.

PBDBLUE: YOU DA MAN!!!!! Thank you so much for your efforts! I know we all appreciate it, it was above and beyond the call of duty.. I may not be able to take up the slack right now since I'm leaving but I'll see what I can do till I get out of the country.. I think you've just about got it figured, now if we can just get the parts we'll be back on track.. I'm thinking it might be a while on parts availability but you never know... :):D :D

Been off the forum for a few days.

Yamaha SA paid for everything on my buddies bike.

The feedback I got from a person close to YSA was that they would retrofit the parts to all affected bikes here in SA.

Now it seems they are backpeddling somewhat, saying they will only do something with bikes that have reoccuring failures.

This battle is not won yet, come hell or high water, I'm getting the replacement parts at no cost - even if I have to adduct the CEO of YSA's daughter. They live in the same city as me. I will find them :)

Think I will wait and see if the new design is reliable before I retro my bike.

Here's an update on the part numbers.

5TJ-15590-00-00 is the starter clutch #16 on page 4-76 in the '03 manual and is most likely the same in the '04. My flywheel key has sheared twice but this clutch works fine. The part numbers for the '04 have not been released by Yamaha yet, so we can't do a complete comparison until they do. I am all over this and will post all of the numbers as soon as they become available.


Good catch. Like I said I have not verified the part #'s. To my knowledge they came from a phone call to Yamaha Corp. They were not confirmed visually from a drawing or anything like that. I wonder how long it takes Yamaha to post the '04 parts fiche on their website?

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